Spyder Shelf Vert Strg on Mntr

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Convenient mantle attaches to computer monitor for additional storage space. Spyder Shelf is a handy accessory you can attach to your computer monitor to provide you with vertical storage space, freeing up your desk space. The shelf is made of sturdy plastic, with a textured surface for non-slip safety. The shelf is easy to attach and remove, with an overhanging lip that grabs onto the front of your monitor for support desktop monitors. It also includes a tab you can slide over your computer s camera lens when you want to ensure visual privacy. There is an exposed screw thread designed to affix your Spyder X monitor calibrator or for attaching an Action Cam holder or other photographic equipment. It can also be used as a stand for your smartphone. Note: The Spyder Shelf is designed only for light weight devices like a key, a webcam, an external portable drive or a Spyder X even when the maximum weight capacity for Spyder Shelf is 4 kg. Do not place liquids or beverages on shelf. When sliding the shelf to hide or expose the computer camera lens, it is recommended to remove all items from the shelf prior to moving it.

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