TripodPro Cam Phone Mnt w Rmt

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The Spyder Tripod Pro is a versatile tool for all your photographic and video needs. It can be perfectly combined with the Spyder Check color calibration chart or the Spyder Cube white balance tool or the Spyder Lens Cal for autofocus adjustment. It comes with a Go Pro mount and smartphone holder for all your imaging needs, from still photography to video and more. The Bluetooth Universal Remote feature allows you to take full advantage of hands-free image capture and is perfect for video needs such as vlogging. The Tripod s flexible legs allow you to position your camera at optimal angles and heights not confined to flat surfaces, so you can take your time framing your image composition and adjusting your shots with ease. And after all it is a perfect little helper to give an external small video light or a flash light a proper stand.

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