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Project Emma: Interview with Dr. Haiyan Zhang

At RetoMarket, we know Azure is leading the way for advancements in AI. With AI and Machine Learning, researchers have been able to give hope to people all around the globe. For Parkinson’s survivor, Emma, AI and Azure have given her the ability to write, something she never thought she would be able to do again. Imagine what Azure can do for your business. Check out this video and see how AI can help your organization.

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5 ways to make Outlook work for you

Outlook with Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self. Use this document as a customizable tool: 5 ways to make Outlook work for you.

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Your Great Analytics Hire Was A Disappointment. Why?

If you think applying traditional hiring practices to your analytics position will be sufficient, you’re probably not going to make a good hire. Azure gives you the tools to cast a wider net when searching for candidates. Compatibility with most Windows or Linux technology-based workloads means you have a wider pool of candidates. RetoMarket wants to help. Contact us to find out more and check out this article with tips for making the right analytics hire.

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Creating order when data is everywhere

Companies that integrate their on-premises systems with hybrid cloud services may have to deal with duplicate information, unprotected customer records, and inconsistent data. At RetoMarket, we want to help you streamline your transition.  

Azure cloud services can make all the difference. Whether you are deploying new virtual machines, moving a few workloads, or migrating your datacenters as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, Azure provides big savings as you move to the cloud. 

Shifting to the cloud isn’t easy and RetoMarket wants you to have the right cloud infrastructure for your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Enbridge Customer Story

With a relentless focus on safety and reliability, Enbridge continually drives to enhance existing and advance new safety technologies. Partnered with Azure, Enbridge accelerated their digital transformation through the use of advanced analytics. With real-time analytics solutions and feedback, Enbridge is certain that their efforts are secure. Contact RetoMarket to find out how we can help and check out this short video on how Enbridge uses Azure to analyze their data.

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What is resiliency in Azure?

Is your current IT infrastructure resilient? Do you have high availability of hardware and datacenters? Does it provide you with uninterrupted service? At RetoMarket, we know how to help you create the resilient cloud-based infrastructure you need.

Maintaining acceptable continuous performance is easy with Azure. With disaster recovery protection against loss through services such as Azure Site Recovery and geo-redundant storage (GRS), you can be sure your data is protected.

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Your best opportunity for growing business: the customer experience

To grow and win business, customer service is non-negotiable. But customers expect more. Successful companies–whether small or enterprise–must also deliver the kind of customer service and experience that compels customers to come back. And then come back again. And again.

In a recent Pricewaterhouse Cooper survey, 3 in 4 US consumers ranked customer experience as an important factor in their buying decisions. “Customers are willing to spend up to 16% more on products and services with companies that offer a better experience.” Read on to learn more about the customer experience opportunity, plus five trends to consider as you grow your business.

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Azure Stack: An extension of Azure

Every company in every industry around the world is being challenged to transform from a business that uses digital technology, to a digital organization. At RetoMarket, we know that application modernization is at the heart of digital transformation, and we want to help you leverage it.  

Azure provides a rich platform for developers to build modern applications. With a consistent cloud platform like Azure Stack, organizations can confidently make technology decisions based on business requirements, rather than on technology complications. 

At RetoMarket, our goal is to help you integrate the tools you need to succeed. Contact us to find out how we can help. 

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Kelly Services moves to Skype for Business for complete cloud communications

In the digital world, customers expect immediate access and quality connection. See how Kelly Services, a global leader in workforce solutions, has delivered both to millions of customers with Microsoft Office 365. Kelly employees use Skype for Business to instantly connect with both candidates and colleagues around the globe. It provides convenient, face-to-face connections across devices without the costly infrastructure required to support a phone system. Kelly employees prioritize, empower, and quickly respond to their customers. This gold standard of customer service has set Kelly Services apart from its competitors and enabled them to find jobs for over a million people.

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Partnering to win | How to get more value from the Internet of Things

This infographic shows how the right team of partners can help you with each piece of your IoT solution.

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Office 365 and Creativity: Lovepop

From working out of a basement to having over 400 employees across the globe, Lovepop has employees from Boston to Vietnam. But scaling their organization so quickly across such a large geographical area presented its own problems–collaboration. But Lovepop didn’t skip a beat thanks to the mobility and ease of communication they experienced from integrating Office 365. RetoMarket wants to help your teams integrate Office 365 so they can collaborate just like Lovepop.

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Five Leadership Excuses for Communication Improvement

A breakdown in communication often means a lack of clear direction for employees. At RetoMarket, we want to make sure your workers have the tech they need to clearly communicate. By integrating Office 365, you can connect better with customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools, from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing. Contact us to find out how we can help your business integrate Office 365 and check out this article.

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Azure security + operations management

This infographic describes Azure security + operations management to help customers manage and protect their Azure and on-premises resources efficiently.

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Azure Virtual Datacenter | An approach to isolation, security, and trust in the Microsoft cloud platform

Security when moving to the cloud is a top concern for many IT professionals. At RetoMarket, we know that there’s a cloud platform that can help you make the transition while keeping your existing security policies.  

Azure Virtual Datacenter is an approach to making the most of the Azure cloud platform’s capabilities while respecting your existing security and networking policies. When deploying enterprise workloads to the cloud, IT organizations and business units must balance governance with developer agility. Azure Virtual Datacenter provides models to achieve this balance.  

Check out this e-book to find out more about Azure Virtual Datacenter and contact us to find out how we can help your organization integrate this awesome approach. 

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Streamline seller workflows

Explore the possibilities and efficiencies that interconnected Dynamics 365 can bring to your sales team.